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Freethinkers, Ohio holds open meetings at 9PM EDT 7 days a week, and Noon EDT Monday through Friday. Click the Zoom logo to join the meeting room. Our Coffee Room is open 24/7 for anyone at

As discussed during our group's meetings, we do not provide personalized or email verification whatsoever. It is the responsibility of the member to obtain any court verification that is necessary during the meeting. The procedure for this is announced at the beginning of each and every meeting. Therefore, all email requests for verification will be ignored. If you would like to be added to our confidential group roster, please click here instead.

To drug and alcohol court professionals: We do not keep an attendance list of meetings or report on any "progress" of another AA member, as this is strictly outside the scope of what AA does. More information about this topic can be found here. However, you may reach out to us with verification provided by members and we can try to determine the legitimacy of the information, if necessary. Thank you!